Double Bending Glass Tempering Furnace for Automotive rear glass

Double Curvature Bending Glass Tempering machine for Automotive Backlite / rear glass

Model: LV-TB-V series


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1. Machine Application

LV-TB-V Series Double Curvature Bent Glass Tempering Machineis a special plant used to produce the bent tempered glass for automobile side lite and back lite, also for trucks, furniture, etc. Our customer produced the side doors for BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, etc.


2. Supply Scope:

2.1. Loading table

2.2. Heating section

2.3. Double bent Forming section with mould

2.4. Quenching section

2.5. Transmission section

2.6. Cooling section

2.7. Unloading table

2.8. Blower system

2.9. Electrical & control system

2.10. Glass mould (1 set)


3. Popular size:


Max. Loading Area

Min.Glass Size








⌒1600 x ⌒800

⌒200 x ⌒300




⌒1800 x ⌒1000

⌒200 x ⌒300




⌒2000 x ⌒1200

⌒200 x ⌒300




⌒2200 x ⌒1200

⌒200 x ⌒300




4. Machine Main Features:

4.1. In the bending forming, for transmission of pressing mould, support mould and rollers, we use servo motors & servo controllers.

4.2. In quenching section, for transmission of mould carrier, we use servo motors & servo controllers.

4.3. Equipped with heating & insulating system in forming section, which could keep temperature of the forming section so that the glass is formed in high temperature.

4.4. Easy-making and cheap moulds

4.5. Easy & quick moulds changing-time

4.6. Smaller roller distance in heating oven which guarantee the high quality

4.7. Heating section has a helix matrix structure, which can control the temperature of each area independently. Reasonable design and unique structure of heating elements make a long serve life.

4.8. The heating oven body is full closed and the Insulating materials are of high quality material with top performance which can ensure very lower energy consumption.

4.9. Ceramic roller: World-famous brand

4.10. Ceramic roller driving adopts seamless round belts.

4.11. Fault diagnosis system for the heating elements.

Double Bending Glass Tempering Furnace for Automotive rear glass


Bending Glass Tempering Furnace

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