PVB Laminated glass Vacuum Bagging film with hight temperature

Vacuuming Bag film with hight temperature for laminated glass


1. Standard size of vaccum film for option:

No. Specification (Width x Length) Unit
1 1650mm x 250m One roll
2 2100mm x 250m One roll
3 2300mm x 250m One roll


2. Instruction:

High temperature vacuum film is mainly for laminated glass processing use.


This technology has a variety of useage to deal with laminated glass (such as a variety of curved glass or embossed glass folder plastic, and in the United States do DuPont SGP explosion-proof film of plastic), high yield, easy to learn, less investment ( The price is far lower than similar foreign products) and so on. At present, CSG, CATIC Sanxin, Chuangyi Technology, Jiangmen Junfa Glass, Foshan Nanliang, Jiangsu Aolan and many other enterprises adopt this technology. The following are the same as the "

Below the vacuum film to do the glass to do a brief introduction:

In the processing of curved glass or Rewan glass dry plastic folder, often due to the glass arc length or arch height and other reasons can not be normal rolling processing; and in the United States DuPont SGP explosion-proof membrane of the plastic, Most manufacturers use a good piece of glass with a vacuum around the circle, into the drying box after the vacuum, and then into the autoclave processing. As the vacuum belt is just a circle around the glass, not all sealed, so often the product quality problems, while increasing the drying box equipment and process inputs, high cost, low efficiency.

There is also in the processing of embossed glass gel, because the embossed glass surface is wavy or other uneven shape, resulting in a vacuum belt can not be sealed glass and can not be processed.

I recommend the Ministry of the program is a vacuum bag to the glass after the full seal directly into the autoclave vacuum a molding. With high yield ﹑ high efficiency, easy to learn features. At the same time this method is also applicable to do large ultra-wide laminated glass.


PVB Laminated glass Vacuum Bagging film with hight temperaturePVB Laminated glass Vacuum Bagging film with hight temperature


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